More in Dore Spring Update

It's been a while since I've posted anything about More in Dore, Sorry!

All our volunteers members (myself included) have been busy with work and life in general over the winter months, so I didn't have much to report.

But as restrictions ease, the nights start to get longer and spring brings signs of new life it has given me the motivation and energy to get things moving again.

First off - I am now happy to announce that More in Dore are currently in the process of purchasing our first piece of replacement equipment for the playground at Dore recreation ground. We have on order a toddler/infant multi-play piece of equipment made by Kompan. This will replace the current wooden A-frame. We expect this to be delivered in late spring and the council will store it for us until they can carry out installation and resurfacing in early Autumn. Further details on the equipment can be found here:-

Secondly - In the pipeline we have a number of ideas for fun events that we are hoping to run during 2021, along with a list of grant applications to apply for. We are optimistic that we can raise sufficient additional funds to enable us to order a larger junior/teen piece of multi-play equipment later on this year to replace the current wooden towers with slide and for it to be installed at the same time/similar time to the toddler/infant equipment. If anyone wants to help with fundraising events, suggested or organise an event for us, or help with grant applications - please contact either myself, email us or go through our website.

Finally, as things are now progressing with our primary objective (the rejuvenation of the playground), I am now looking in to what other features the local community would like adding to the recreation ground. We have a basic overview from our first questionnaire carried out 2019/2020 as to what people want but we now need to expand on this, gather further information, carry out consultations and submit a case study for the council's consideration. As we are a small group of local volunteers (mainly made up of parents in full-time jobs) our time is limited, so if anyone wants to help out with this or join the More in Dore group please contact either myself, email us or go through our website.

That's it for me at the minute, but remember to keep an eye out for my articles in Dore to Door magazine for further updates.

I hope you all enjoying the long Easter weekend.


Chairperson of More in Dore

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