From time to time we need your participation to help narrow down our ideas or prove a need/want for features

you would like to see added at the recreation ground. If you could please take the time to complete these short questionnaires, ask your children to fill them in along with other family members and friends, it will help us out massively! The more responses and research we gather the better our chances of putting forward a viable case study to the City Council and the wider community which will hopefully allow us to carry on with projects that you want.

Current questionnaires will be added below.

Phase Two Initial Research

As we now seem to be underway with funding and an initial order has been placed for our phase one project -

the rejuvenation of the current playground, we thought it would be beneficial to start doing some initial research in to what everyone would like to see added in regards to additional features at the recreation ground.

From our first questionnaire that was published on page 15 of the 2019 winter edition of Dore to Door magazine and online using SurveyMonkey, we have a brief overview of what local residents would like to see added.

Some of these ideas may possibly take a couple of years to come to fruition and could require further community consultation, case study submission to the relevant council department or even planning permission.

To ensure our time and effort is spent wisely, please could you spare a minute to complete the following questionnaire? Again, I'd like to stress - the more responses we get, the easier it will be for us to identify exactly what

people want - so please get your kids or grandchildren to fill in the questionnaire and pass on the details to other family members and friends about it. The results to this will be reviewed in several months time and if we have sufficient responses, we can start planning accordingly...

Please confirm your age:
On average how often do you use Dore recreation ground?:
What new feature would you like to see at Dore recreation ground?:
On average how often would you use Dore recreation ground if this feature was added?:

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