Our Aims

We aim to provide facilities at Dore Recreation Ground in the interests of social welfare, recreation and leisure time for the local community and for the general citizens of Sheffield. We aim to improve the condition and quality of life for the people who use the grounds, without discrimination or exclusion by sex, race, ability or age.

Increase the enjoyment, relaxation and health of all that use the facilities, and to encourage greater use of the recreation ground as a public amenity.

Stimulate the educational, physical, creative, imaginative, social and cognitive development of children and young people across a range of ages and abilities.

Minimise the risk of accident, hazard or infection to users of the park.

“Happiness is a state of activity.” 


Our Mission

A recent council report states that a majority of the play equipment at Dore Recreation Ground is either near or at the end of it's lifespan. As there is minimal funding available from the council to replace them, and not wanting to lose the playground for future generations, we have made it our mission to raise sufficient funds to enable new facilities within the Recreation Ground for the whole community to enjoy. We aim to do this through a range of fun local based events in tandem with fund and grant applications available to us.


Our Vision

Firstly we want to replace the current playground apparatus and surfacing with new better play facilities.

If permissions and funding allows, we then would like to introduce new features to areas of the recreation ground to widen the demographic of users. This could be anything from a scooter/bike park for older children or sports ground, to gym and mobility apparatus that can be used by older users or sensory gardens.

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